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  • Presented by: Jerry Zion, Global Training Manager, Fluke Biomedical - Jerry Zion will walk attendees through the medical device, what can go wrong, why they should test and provide best practices and lessons learned relevant to general preventative maintenance.

  • Presented by: Michael Gossman, Instructor, Modality Manager, Althea US - After attending this presentation, attendees will have the basic knowledge of how to conduct a proper preventive maintenance procedure on a contrast injector. Even though injectors are different from each other, they all fundamentally operate in the same manner. With a general concept of the components, how an injector operates and functions; the PM is completed in basically the same way. You can apply this knowledge to almost any contrast injector.

  • Presented by: Bill Bassuk, Chairman, The College of Biomedical Equipment Repair - This course is designed to help service professionals understand how compliance certification works from DNV standards. Attendees will have the opportunity to see if they are interested in taking the CHOP B to become certified. This certification will enable service professionals to have CHOP behind their name once passing the exam. Once they receive this information, they will have the opportunity to take the CHOP class and exam to become certified at a later date.

  • Presented by: James Knight, Senior Clinical Systems Engineer, Renown Healthcare - A successful health care preventative maintenance (PM) program will reduce the number of failures, the total cost of ownership (TCO) and mean time between failure of the devices in the PM program. Not all PM testing programs are created equally and only some have the high degree of success that leads to C-suite recognition of an outstanding clinical engineering department. This session will address how do you measure and recognize a highly successful PM program based on the three most important measurements:
    1. Has the total cost of ownership (TCO) been reduced?
    2. Has the mean time between failures increased? 3. Has the repair parts cost been reduced for the devices?

  • Presented by: Sgt. Sammy L. Davis, Medal of Honor, Vietnam War - A true American hero, Sgt. Sammy Lee Davis earned the Medal of Honor for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty during an all-night firefight during the Vietnam War. The Medal of Honor is the nation’s highest military honor, awarded by Congress for risk of life in combat beyond the call of duty. Davis will share his story, one which inspired the Vietnam scenes from the movie “Forrest Gump,” during the address. He stresses that “you don’t lose until you quit trying.” Davis will open the floor to questions from the audience following his address. Attendees and exhibitors are invited to hear this inspirational message of bravery and courage.

  • Presented by: Steve Sowards, Multi-Media Coordinator, and Perry Kirwan, CCE, VP Technology Management, Banner Imaging Services - Many HTM/clinical engineering departments feel like they cannot get started or perhaps even have no role to play in the development of use cases for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology. This presentation will demonstrate a very practical use case of the technology that has high value to most hospital organizations physician recruitment, retention and training/learning effectiveness. Come see how an immersive training experience not only bends the curve in terms of effectiveness, but it will also help reinvent it. Learn some new tricks of the trade that can help your physician partners become better at what they do. Want to really impact patient care? You won’t want to miss this!

  • Presented by: Ryan Harris, CBET, Director of HTM, Texoma Medical Center - Should hospital beds and nurse call systems be managed by HTM, IT, plant operations or a mixture of these? In this presentation, examples will be given to support the idea that HTM should be the sole department responsible for maintaining them. Ryan will explain how the HTM department at his facility has improved patient care, protected its staffing model and saved money by maintaining these devices through our in-house HTM program. There will also be an opportunity for attendees to share any success stories from their facility or suggestions regarding hospital bed and nurse call management.

  • Presented by: Lani Bartkowiak, Senior Biomed Project Manager, and Leslie Kleba, Director of Purchasing, ProHealth Care - Historically our industry has approached equipment replacement with a reactive mindset. In recent years, ProHealth Care has shifted to a strategic mindset. We would like to share with you our experience with building multi-year, multi- modality replacement plans that not only take into consideration the equipment itself, but also the financial and technological impact to the organization.

  • Presented by: Dr. Nicole T. Walton-Trujillo, R.T.(R)(CT), Imaging Director, Intermountain HealthCare - Have you ever felt like you are twice removed from the patient’s quality of care or the decisions on when and what to buy in the department? This is the lecture for you! Walton- Trujillo will illustrate how healthcare technology management directly relates to patient care, patient outcomes and departmental decision.

  • Presented by: John-Michael Giltner, Commercial Account Manager and Drew Ganther, Regional Director Southwest, Medigate - We’ll show you how Medigate’s Device Security platform will save you time, CAPEX and OPEX. The methodology we use to profile medical devices generates device data you can enrich, validate and trust whether integrating your PACS, using your NAC the way you always hoped or understanding the utilization of your devices. Simply put, we’ll show you how to connect with confidence.

  • Presented by: Mark Cooksey, Medical Device Quality Engineer, Norton Healthcare - Norton Healthcare’s leadership recently departed from The Joint Commission’s intermittent compliance-based approach to a more systematic approach to quality through accreditation from DNV-GL, an ISO-certified company. Learn why Norton Healthcare leadership chose to seek ISO 9001 certification and why NHC Clinical Engineering (CE) agreed to be one of the first in-house biomedical service organizations in the U.S. to seek ISO certification through ISO 13485.

  • Presented by: Nader Hammoud, Manager, John Muir Health and Jonathan Lee, HEM, BSOE, Senior Consultant, HTM Consultant Network, LLC - Attending this presentation will allow HTM leaders to feel better about AEM, making it a simple process, and will give them the needed tools to break the ice and get their program up and running. It includes tips and tricks discovered from implementing a program for a few years now. One consistent part of HTM tasks on medical equipment is electrical safety inspection (ESI). This will be also discussed and CA Title 22 will be addressed as it related to ESI requirements.

  • Presented by: Binseng Wang, VP, Program Management, Sodexo Clinical Technology Management - CE/HTM benchmarking has been discussed, used and abandoned for a few decades without in-depth analyses with actual data thus hampering its usefulness for measuring and comparing the performance of CE/HTM teams. A careful review of the proposed benchmarks will show which ones are myths, while others are valid and useful. Furthermore, a mathematical model has been built and tested allowing estimation of costs and staffing for critical evaluation of performance.

  • Presented by: Courtney Haschke, CBET, Biomed Supervisor, BSA Health System - This session will share the information that senior technicians and experienced HTM managers take for granted. From acronyms and standards to the industry’s governing agencies all the information that every biomed should know but isn’t reviewed during training. The team at BSA Health has identified several key points for new hires and created a “manual” to help make new hires more comfortable in their chosen field.

  • Presented by: Terry Harris, Sales Executive and Varun Merchant, Director, Fluke Health Solutions - Managing a cost-effective medical device quality assurance program can be daunting. The goals of reducing the risk of injury to patients, keeping medical devices properly functioning and available for use, and reducing the cost of ownership of the inventory of medical devices and the test instruments needed for maintaining them have been challenging.

  • Presented by: David Scott, CBET, Senior Biomedical Technician, UCHealth, and Alan Gresch, VP, Healthcare Strategy, Accruent - This presentation will address the study of work orders. What they should contain and what they add up to. We will investigate everything from data entry to big picture analysis. We will discuss the move to standardize data nationally. This information is invaluable to everyone in the HTM world from technicians to management.

  • Presented by: Nader Hammoud, Manager, John Muir Health -
    This presentation will address the elephant in the room the difficulties of working with IT and how to bridge the communication and process gaps. As clinical engineering (CE) professionals, we tend to dismiss the huge gap between these two crucial departments, so we will break down why there are differences, identifying the problem, propose a solution, and present a solution as to how the future of CE-IT should look.

  • Presented by: Mike Powers, MBA, CHTM, CDP, CMDA, Clinical Engineering Director, Intermountain Healthcare - Vendors are using “Cybersecurity of Equipment” to avoid providing access to service keys and to protect intellectual property. This discussion will cover how to leverage cybersecurity as a strength and not let it be used to lock you out of servicing equipment.

  • Presented by: Carol Davis-Smith, President, Carol Davis-Smith & Associates, LLC - The AAMI CMMS Collaborative Phase 2 recommendations will be presented followed by a workshop to explore ways of implementing and using the recommendations to enhance HTM department operations and value to their health care system. The CMMS Collaborative Phase 2 recommendations will address optimization of work order types. Participants are encouraged to attend in teams and to bring sample data from their CMMS to reference throughout the session.
    The session should be immediately applicable to supervisors, managers, directors and other management roles. Staff (individual contributors) may also find this session helpful in becoming stronger contributors to the HTM department’s success. Those individuals seeking to advance into management roles will find the workshop useful in developing perspectives and skills that will support career growth.

  • Presented by: Aaron Peters, Product Manager, Phoenix Data Systems, Inc and Greg Duncan, CHFM, CBET, Assistant Vice President, Facilities Operations, NorthBay Healthcare - Discover the features and functions of AIMS 3 that are helping users across the world realign their workflows and improve departmental efficiency. This session will not only demonstrate the functionality of AIMS 3, but will also provide you with real-world examples that can be implemented using the software. Then Greg Duncan of NorthBay Healthcare will join us and share his experience using AIMS 3. He will walk us through the implementation and conversion processes, go-live, the newest workflows that are streamlining his department, best practices, and more.

  • Presented by: James Anderson, Director, Healthcare Technology
    Management, Spring Valley Hospital and Christopher Nowak, Senior Director, Healthcare Technology Management, Universal Health Services - The presenters will describe customer service initiatives developed by the healthcare technology management staff that translated into a reduction of in costs. Relationship building with the HTM customers, whether those customers are internal or external, pays dividends. Attendees will be provided tips and measurement tools that, when developed, will provide a fiscal return for the bottom line operating costs of the HTM department.

  • Presented by: David Yaeger, Biomed Security DBA, ProHealth Care, and Ben Stock, Director of Healthcare Product Management, Ordr - In this session, learn the best practices to improve visibility into your medical devices and improve the security of connected devices. Hear about strategies ProHealth Care is implementing to transform cybersecurity practices across its organization.

  • Presented by: Izabella Gieras, MS, MBA, CCE, FACCE, Director, Clinical Technology, Huntington Hospital - Healthcare technology management (HTM) departments are asked to cut costs and work with less to support the daily operations. With increased budget constraints, HTM departments need to employ creative strategies and develop key indicators without impacting patient care and safety. Often, this requires a collaborative approach amongst diverse health care stakeholders. The presenter will address current initiatives at Huntington Hospital and engage the audience in an interactive dialogue to share ideas.

  • Presented by: Shawn Molloy, Technology Senior Manager, Trimedx - This presentation shares insight into personal management of a leader’s time and tips to improve productivity through different management theories. Strategies shared will allow for a high level of output and production while maintaining a healthy work- life balance. This session will include lessons in prioritizations, the development and disciplines of routines, email management and continuous improvement techniques.

  • Presented by: Dustin Smith, Sr. Solution Consultant, Nuvolo Healthcare - Making sure your medical devices are safe, accessible and available is a priority. But without a single, trusted device inventory it is time-consuming to determine what devices are at risk. If a device is impacted by a cybersecurity threat or vulnerability, it’s critical to quickly determine the device details and take immediate action to correct the issue. In this session you will learn how hospitals can achieve a real time view into what devices are connected to the network and vulnerabilities that could impact the devices. Plus we'll share how customers use Nuvolo OT Security and Maintenance solutions to enable fast remediation of security events.

  • Presented by: Larry Fennigkoh, Adjunct Professor, Biomedical Engineering, Milwaukee School of Engineering - Despite the early ignorance and misinformation that gave birth to the “electrical safety” movement, the routine measurement of medical device leakage currents continues to be an integral part of routine and periodic device inspections within many HTM programs. As this session will reveal, and based upon both AC circuit principles and the combined, highly unlikely events that must exist before any shock hazard presents itself, these measurements can be safely eliminated.

  • Presented by: Perry Kirwan, CCE, VP Technology Management, Banner Imaging Services - Many HTM/clinical engineering departments feel that they have no role to play in the management of surgical robotics. This presentation will explain both the known and unknown costs of surgical robotics and how HTM can provide value in better managing this service line. These unknown costs are not easily seen unless you know how to find them. Learn some new tricks of the trade that can help your clinical leadership make better decisions about their robotic surgeries.

  • Presented by: Mike Busdicker, CHTM, FACHE, System Director, Clinical Engineering, Intermountain Healthcare - This presentation will provide attendees with tools and ideas around driving HTM performance to align with an organization’s mission, vision, standards and goals. This will include the use of huddle boards, performance dashboards, step-back reviews, standardization initiatives and other areas of focus.

  • Presented by: Chris Nowak, CBET, CHP, CSCS, Senior Director, UHS of Delaware, and Dave Francoeur, Senior VP Marketing and Sales, Tech Knowledge Associates - Attendees can come and participate in the fun as Dave Francoeur and Chris Nowak introduce topics and discuss HTM operations, regulatory requirements and common misconceptions of running an HTM program. Topics will include:
    What is reactive maintenance and how can I make it successful for my patients and program?
    Is developing an AEM program only about saving money?
    Why does the successful HTM program need to be concerned about analytics?
    How many stickers do I need to buy for planned maintenance?
    Training and Education the Pro Forma ... what’s that? ... and much more!

  • Presented by: Alex Masten, HCISPP, Cynerio - The risk to medical devices is clear but assigning responsibility for their cybersecurity is complicated. Should biomed/CE or IT/security teams be responsible, or should responsibility be shared?
    In this demo, we’ll demonstrate how to safely implement a cybersecurity infrastructure in sensitive clinical environments and cover:
    Medical devices and cyber risk: malware’s effect on clinical ecosystems
    Distributing responsibility for medical device security across teams
    Building an operationally-safe security infrastructure for medical devices

  • Presented by:Larry Fennigkoh, Adjunct Professor, Biomedical Engineering, Milwaukee School of Engineering - Using a variety of actual case study examples, this presentation will focus on the invaluable and often hidden lessons that can be learned from medical device-related incidents when they are thoroughly investigated, and their root cause(s) identified. Only then can the hope of their reoccurrence be avoided, or the level of harm reduced. Ethically and morally we owe it to injured patients and all of health care to learn as much from these tragedies as possible.

  • Presented by: Perry Kirwan, CCE, VP Technology Management, Banner Imaging Services
    COVID-19 has brought virtual patient care to the forefront of modern health care delivery. However, sometimes things are easier said than done. Banner Health has been operating with virtual care since the early 2000s and past experience can sometimes be a good predictor of future outcomes. We will share our successes as well as what we learned. Remote patient monitoring/hospital at home whatever your organization calls it, join the discussion of things to consider, items to avoid and decisions that could impact your organization’s success or failure as you implement a remote patient monitoring program.

  • Presented by: Mike Busdicker, CHTM, FACHE, System Director, Clinical Engineering, Intermountain Healthcare - This presentation will focus on different phases of emergency prep and business continuity experienced at Intermountain Healthcare. Data and information will be shared about the pre-
    crisis response and the initial plans for HTM business continuity. Then, it will move into how the department adjusted and enhanced each of the plans throughout the journey. This will progress into lessons learned and thoughts about how HTM should be much more involved with emergency and crisis response.

  • Presented by: Lisa Kilgore, IS MDI Enterprise Manager, Baylor Scott &White Health - Safe IT Design & Medical Device Integration— otherwise known as the automatic transfer of patient vitals into the patient record. Failure occurs without a planned strategy for sustainable stability. Regardless of the EHR solution, with or without integration, patients are at risk when patient monitoring systems experience outages. If the design does not take into account all points of failure, the design is to fail.

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